artist_sadrina1Daniel Sadrina / Elster Records
Live techno; This is the motto of Daniel Sadrina, who discovered his love for electronic music in his early teenage years and keeps holding on to it now as DJ and producer. Life had been revolving round music for quite a bit. At the tender age of 14 the genuine Frankfurt boy stepped into a record store for the first time ever and could just about afford his first holy vinyl. Two years earlier he had been composing his first piano pieces. The passion to create music himself had been born.

Inspired by the Frankfurt club culture of the 90´s Daniel and some friends decided to set up something of it´s own after a famous location shut in 1998. The emerging project besh-ba-gowah brought this vision into being and their electronic theology to the people.

In 2004 the doors of Tanzhaus West (former space place) opened for Daniel and together with Peter Schumann he successfully launched his project Schrittmacher.

In addition to regular solo projects Daniel and Peter through two years of corporate studio work developed their very own kind of juggling with those synthetically created common time frequencies. Their new project monsterClick was born.
2005 – Bor here – delicate issue EP (Elster Records 00)
Wartburg (wiesbaden)
Cantina (Ffm)
Tanzhaus – West (ex- space-place Ffm)
Topper (Ffm)
Frankfurter Schule
Woanders – Club (München)
Wiking 1 (Ffm)
Radio X (Ffm)
Nachttanzdemo 2003 (Ffm)
Sommergarten @ THW (Ffm)
Welt der Klänge (open air – Stammheim FB)
Signalwerk (Mainz)
Ostklub (Ffm)
White Cube (Ffm)
Cortex – Club Alem (Ffm)
Deutsche Bank Hochhaus (Ffm)