kareem-01Kareem was first musically inspired by Kairos of Pentagonik, who had already been active as a producer. At that time, strictly drum & bass was in high demand. This would come to change rapidly as Kareem was introduced to fluffy deep-tek-house after many a bacchanalian night at the legendary shauraum near omen in frankfurt. Thus, a new musical dimension opened up to him. His long-time friend and DJ buddy Ludwig Coenen was there for it all, and thus the legendary K&L sessions on Radio X and their “Specaial Editions” at numerous events came to follow. Starting out at the Antagon excesses in Frankfurt with appearances at Ostparkstrasse, at tanzhauswest, hafen2, watergate, arena and numerous other clubs throughout Frankfurt an berlin, Kareem would later become more interested in carrying out his own event concepts. his newest partyinvention are the barely legal harzwerk bashes finding place under highway bridges, in old trainwagons or at other funky and unusual destinations. his main aim is to give people an opertuety in experiencing diffrent and unconventional ways of tek-elektrik party. due to the fact that the conventional and established clubsceen in frankfurt and offenbach (robert-schwonsen, monza, cocoon and the rest of the crap-shit) is getting more and more commercial, artificial and cheap, kareem and the frankfurt based harzwerk crew want to show the world out there how party really works!