Marcho – tausend tele-tips (Elster-Records| Elster 01)
copyright © 2007 Elster Records

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elster01_cover_artThe second boat to be launched onto the Elster comes from the shipyard of Marcho. Marko Büchel, an old acquaintance, published earlier tracks on Freude am Tanzen

and his debut ep on Lost Vegas. The latest news had been a remix for Golden Boy & Miss Kittin on the Hamburg platform Ladomat 2000 in 2003. After a two-year break

he is now back on stage presenting the new Elster release arranging together pop and techno on a silver plate.
A: tele-tip (written & produced by Marko Büchel)
The long side comes as a melodious goody from the Arabian Nights. A frame consisting of a soft sub bass and an 80ies synthie bassline establishes, with the

concomitant melody being so harmonic that it captivates you in a mood you gladly dwell in. The more often you listen to it, the more you get the impression of

freedom and contentment carried by the pop-like nature of the tune.
B 1: cookie shit (written & produced by Marko Büchel)
The no.1 on the b-side is the most techno- and dancefloor-like track from Marcho. A gloomy bassline is causing a quite aggressive atmosphere. It seems to come from

far, stepping forward more or less, but when arranged to completeness some might start seething. Hypnotic sounds and a melodic rhythm toughen the situation and

complete a business satisfying any firm dancer. Brings back good ol‘ times!
B 2: bit crushed (written & produced by Marko Büchel)
This finishing part is a skillful bow drawn with an arrow full of atmosphere and deepness. Once the kind listener is aimed at and the arrow shot there is no

turning back. The winged play with spaces makes you lose contact to the ground till you start floating on air. Though the swinging bassdrum unties any tense

impression there is still reliable support right at hand. This moment given to you should be used for plunging and drifting away.



Marcho – Tausend Tele-Tips (Elster Records / 001)

Das Label aus Gera hat mit Marko Büchel jemand, der nicht nur perfekt konstruierte rockende Tracks machen kann, sondern selbst das kleinste Fiepsen noch in pure Euphorie verwandelt wie auf dem Titeltrack “Tele-Tip” und damit dürfte bei aller harten Konkurrenz das hier zu einer der Hit-EPs des Monats werden, wenn sie genügend Leute auf dem noch jungen Label entdecken. Die Rückseite rockt direkter und mit mehr Basswucht und Wankelmotor aber steckt ebenso voller Details, egal ob auf “Cookie Shit” oder dem funkigen “Bit Crushed”. Eine Platte bei der man jedes noch so kleine Gezausel genießen dürfte und die trotzdem den Hang zur großen Geste hat.